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For some drivers, the biggest concern with their car or truck is appearance. To maximize appearance, custom wheels and rims can be installed. Great looking rims are usually the first choice, but an owner's choice of rims really affects the car's performance too. At our shop you will always get true custom advice on vehicle wheels and car & truck rims. We are experts in helping you with the cutting edge of wheel style, wheel fitment and tire performance. To ensure that we stay at the forefront of the wheel, rims and tire industry, we are updated on all of the latest in applications for new custom wheels, rims and tires to help you pick the right choice for your vehicle.. If you are in the market for a new set of performance tires, custom wheels or rims, then there is only one answer stop in at Moose’s 4x4.

Whether you’re looking for quality wheels to keep you and your family safe or set of amazing rims to add extra appeal to you vehicle into Moose’s 4 x 4.  We have you covered.  We have been providing the Washington Co Area with quality wheels and rims for over 39 years, and can’t wait to transform your vehicle.

The perfect look for your vehicle

If your looking for wheel options that are the perfect fit for your car’s personality.  We at Moose’s 4x4 has them.  From chrome, black shiny, and matte finishes to silver and paintable inserts, you’ll find the original look you need.  We also carry a wide variety of spinners, floaters, and wheel locks.


With our huge variety of brand name wheels available plus tires, accessories and installation, you’ll find everything you need under one roof when you choose to stop in by Moose’s 4x4

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