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Ride higher without breaking your bank

Why deal with the hassle of fabricating makeshift lift kits?  Get A lift Kit from Mooses’s 4x4. We use lift kits from leading kit makers that create complete lift kits specific to your vehicle’s make and model. This ensures the long life of your lifted suspensions, and more importantly, your safety.

Body Lift kits vs. suspension lift kits

A body lift kit will elevate your vehicle between 1 and 3 additional inches off the ground for aesthetic purpose, but will not increase the ground clearance.

Suspension lift kits are made to increase your truck’s ground clearance.  These are the kits most often used with trucks and 4x4s.  A suspension lift kit elevates your vehicle between 4 and 6 inches above the stock height.  Extreme lift kits, however, can reach elevations of up to 18 inches.

Are you ready to be the talk-of-the-town?  Stop today to experience affordable style?

Whether your’re in need of anything from a lift kit or leveling kit to custom wheels and tires-you can trust in our highly qualified technicians to provide you with the superior services  you desires for a competitive rate.

It’s time for you to take your vehicle to a whole new level.  Call us today for more information or stop by the shop to help you choose the right lift kit for your vehicle.

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